Willa – Female kitten – 5 months 3 weeks

Red and white – color

Very bright orange eyes – perfect plush fur – cobby body

Carrier cinnamon color – Show quality – good for breeding.


She has extremely fluffy fur and a sweet personality. She loves to play and be around people. She would come and ask for attention or follow you from room to room, but probably will not sit on the laps.

The kitten will move into a new house fully vaccinated, and dewormed, with a genetic health guarantee, TICA registration, and showing rights.
The kitten is litter box trained and well-socialized with people and other cats. We suggest spraying around 7-8 months old to allow for full development.


Owen Royal Edelweiss  – Lilac  with White – (c 02 – Lilac Van) 


MADAME – Mother

Wendy Royal Edelweiss  – Chocolate tortie  with White – (h 02 – Chocolate tortie Van) 


NEW LITTER – Girl & Boy

Ready to go to a new home  – March 

The white girl (can be odd eyes, very uncommon) has a sweet personality, loves to cuddle, and even sleeps on the laps.

The white boy has chocolate ears and a tail. He is very active and adventurous. He is going to grow up to 15-20 pounds and be a great example of the breed.

Both kittens have perfect plush fur and are well-socialized with people and other cats.

Litter box trained, vaccinated, dewormed, with a genetic health guarantee, TICA registration, and showing rights.

Carrier cinnamon color – Show quality.

Contact us for more information.


Cooper GenCalico  – Red  with White – (d 01 – Red with White) 


MADAME – Mother

Vesta Royal Edelweiss  – White with odd eyes – (w 62) 


New litter – available to move March 1st

We usually have 2-3 litters a year and offer kittens starting from 12 weeks old. They are a big size, have good proportions, and are well-balanced kittens.

Kittens are registered at TICA, you can choose a name and we will update the records. Our kittens are vaccinated, litter box trained, and have a lot of interactions with people.

All kittens come with a requirement to alter. No breeding rights.* Ask us if you want to show the cat and have showing rights. We are always in touch and ready to advise on any issue related to the kittens.