British Shorthair cats are balanced, affectionate, and calm. They are smart, and sociable animals with thick plush fur, bright expressive eyes, and a good-natured smile. They are constantly next to you but do not bother with their presence.


  • The British Shorthairs get along well with children, patient and indulgent with children’s games. They will never scratch children, and they prefer to retreat rather than use their claws.
  • Both males and females make wonderful companions. The differences in personalities are mainly due to the fact that everyone has something unique. Males are about 1.5 times larger than females, but they are still excellent pets for apartments or houses, as they do not cause any harm.

Since the breed standard for both TICA and WCF was written for a male – males generally are more characteristic of the breed. Of course, size is not everything in this breed, and it is a combination of many different features that make a show cat. As breeders, we are constantly working on improving the breed. Breeding is a work in progress, and we are thrilled to call ourselves cat breeders.